Month: January 2017

Welding data headaches. Time to go digital?

Are you under ever-increasing compliance pressure such as EN1090, just to remain competitive? Do issues such as weld traceability and maintenance of welder qualifications eat into your working day? The gathering, storage and access to data about your welding processes are now an important part of your business. You must show you have robust systems to be even considered for some important contracts. However the current manual, paper-based method is not only labour intensive and time consuming but also open to human error. And the pressure on compliance will grow, not decrease, moving forwards. The good news lies in...

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What’s stopping you taking on a welding apprentice?

Is your workforce getting older with no one coming through the ranks? How will your business function in five years’ time, or even less? The answer could be to train your own apprentice welders. But the idea often provokes a lot of reasons why not to do it. So perhaps it’s time to look at some of these objections and see if they stand up to scrutiny: Young people aren’t interested in welding It’s a bit of an urban myth that all teenagers these days want to be celebrities or design video games. Some do, but there’s plenty left...

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