Month: June 2017

7 ways to promote your welding company on social media

‘Using social media? There aren’t enough hours in the day!’ Is that what you’re thinking? Well, yes, social media does require effort but, used effectively, it is time well spent as others have found. Back in 2015, a LinkedIn survey of over 450 SMEs found 93% used social media for growth. Nearly 70% felt it was important for marketing their business, plus gaining and retaining their customers. Imagine what those figures could be now. So, before you reject the idea, why not invest the next 2 minutes checking out our 7 top tips for social media success in promoting...

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Modern women for modern engineering

As part of International Women in Engineering Day (June 23), we talk with Dinusha Thedchanamoorthy, Graduate Operations Engineer, about life as a female engineer. There’s a view of women in engineering that, according to Dinusha Thedchanamoorthy, is a bit dated. “We’re not all tom boys,” says the 24-year-old Graduate Operations Engineer at BOC’s Wolverhampton branch.“Women shouldn’t be put off by the stereotypical view of female engineers. When you get into the industry you’ll see that there are all types of women working in engineering.” Determined to succeed Dinusha is part of the engineering graduate scheme at BOC, aimed at...

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