Month: September 2017

The appliance of freezing science

Question: Is frozen food preparation an art or a science? It can take a flash of creative inspiration to produce a wonderful new flavour or dish. But to reproduce it, thousands of times over, and keep it fresh to enjoy months later – well, that’s a real science. BOC Food Technology Centre Combining the two, and getting it right consistently, requires laboratory conditions. That’s why BOC established its first food lab over 40 years ago before taking its research to the next level, opening its Food Technology Centre (FTC) in 2000. The Centre in Thame, Oxfordshire, has since become...

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Food freezing – have you considered cryogenics?

Are you a growing food producer? Using a standard freezer but thinking of scaling up to a commercial solution? Perhaps you’re a serious player in the frozen food sector – but issues with your current freezing set up are bottlenecking production? Whatever the size of your food production plant, if freezing is on your agenda, it’s time to consider cryogenics.   What is cryogenic food freezing? Mechanical freezers have long been the traditional choice for industrial scale freezing. For many – particularly larger manufacturers operating at a constant rate, they have their benefits. But for a large segment of...

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