As you look forward to enjoying Christmas with friends and family, our gases are with you every step of the way. Here’s how:

1 Christmas parties
If you’re inflating balloons for decorations, your party will involve gas. Foil and latex balloons are kept afloat with helium.

2 Festive pints
Popping down the pub over the festive season? Gases are used to propel most lagers, beers and ciders through the draft system and into your glass for the perfect pint. And if you prefer a sparkling soft drink, carbon dioxide is what puts the fizz into it!

3 Glasses of wine
Gas plays a key part in the quality of your glass of wine. Grapes are protected on the vine by industrial gases. In fact, gases are used during wine production right up until the cork goes into the bottle.

4 Pantos and shows
Billowing smoke effects, spectacular confetti cannons and amazing pyrotechnic displays – they’re all part of today’s on-stage spectacles. Whether you’re in the theatre or watching at home on the television, the special effects you’re seeing are all down to gases.

5 Bringing everyone together
Family and friends are what really make Christmas special. In many cases there’s no need for a loved one who needs oxygen therapy to stay in hospital over Christmas. Oxygen therapy can be available at home helping to keep families together.

6 Your Christmas dinner
Cooking up a festive feast? Gases help put traditional fare on the table. They’re used in food producers’ freezer or chiller cabinets to lock in flavour and moisture in turkey, chicken and beef

Meanwhile, oxygen helps produce healthy fish when added to fish farms’ water systems. And CO2 pumped into greenhouses boosts the growth of the fruit and vegetables that end up on your plate.

Gases are also added to packaging to help vegetables, salads and fruits keep their original taste, texture and appearance right up until you eat them.

Alex Jenkinson
Brand and Content Manager