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The many meanings of ‘frozen’

Ask someone how they want their food frozen and you may get a blank look. “Err, cold please. Very cold?”, is a likely reply. Because being frozen is just, well, being frozen, isn’t it? You stick something in a freezer box and wait until it freezes, solid. Actually, not any longer. Advances in technology have now developed freezing into a precise science. Just like the eskimos developed 50 words for snow, we may need to broaden our understanding of what ‘frozen’ really means. Cryogenic Freezing When a cryogenic agent such as liquid nitrogen evaporates, it absorbs heat as it...

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The growing appetite for frozen fresh ingredients

Here’s a tip. Keep your eye on sweet potatoes. Prepared and frozen, that is. Their sales have risen 120% in just 12 months, according to the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF). Frozen fruit purchases are growing at 35% a year and diced onions for the freezer are also enjoying a surge in popularity. What’s the connection? Health and convenience. The meal-prep trend People still lead busy lives but now want more for themselves and their families than oven-ready food. The potential to customise cooking through short cuts like prepared vegetables and herb/spice mixes is changing eating habits, while easing...

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