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Hydrogen – what does the future hold?

With the Shell Eco-marathon pioneering new ways for hydrogen to power vehicles, we look ahead to the immediate and long-term future of the versatile fuel. Train trials: ‘Quiet and zero emission trains’ Alstom is working on the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled passenger train. The train recently underwent successful testing and could make its way into the public realm within the next four years. Hydrogen fuel cell trains would strip out the large infrastructure costs and disruption connected with the electrification of train lines, as well as reducing the power drain. And it would achieve the same end result – a...

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Hydrogen for the here and now

BOC takes a look at the many and varied uses of hydrogen in the modern world and how we’re embracing it. The annual global Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) returns to London (May 25-28) for the second time, showing just how far hydrogen has come as a fuel source in recent years. It’s one of the 7 fuel categories the students compete in and growing in popularity. We look at what else is happening right now – from using the gas to power bikes and buses to innovative partnerships. Getting around The Centre for Future Studies believes there could be as many...

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Hydrogen – the first 400 years

BOC looks at the history of hydrogen – from its first discovery to powering cars and beyond… Hydrogen has only been known to us for around 400 years – but in that time it’s come far. In the week before the start of the Shell Eco Marathon, a student competition that sees teams take to the track using vehicles powered by a variety of fuels including hydrogen, we journey through its life from discovery to modern applications. Discovering hydrogen It was the 17th Century when hydrogen was first discovered as a gas. Johann Baptista van Helmont described what it...

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The many benefits of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

It really surprised me when a welder I was talking to recently said he used propane “because it’s a safer welding gas than oxy-acetylene”. As I drove home I thought why does this myth continue? I realised it must date back to the cautious safety procedures issued by the UK Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) in 2003. It inspired me to write my first blog on why acetylene should once again be the first choice for welders. Acetylene Vs propane We can thank the German Federal Institute for Materials (BAM) for shattering the myth that oxy-acetylene causes more disruption...

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