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Acetylene: the Swiss Army Knife of fuel gases

Acetylene is one of the most versatile gases for welding and related processes. We look at what it can do… Few people realise just how versatile acetylene is as a fuel for welding, preheating and cutting metals. What is acetylene? Many people will know of, and use, acetylene because of its workshop capabilities. It’s the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases, with a heat transfer rate of 3160oC compared to propane’s 2828oC. Why is it so versatile? We like to refer to acetylene as the Swiss Army Knife of fuels – one fuel that can carry out...

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7 ways to promote your welding company on social media

‘Using social media? There aren’t enough hours in the day!’ Is that what you’re thinking? Well, yes, social media does require effort but, used effectively, it is time well spent as others have found. Back in 2015, a LinkedIn survey of over 450 SMEs found 93% used social media for growth. Nearly 70% felt it was important for marketing their business, plus gaining and retaining their customers. Imagine what those figures could be now. So, before you reject the idea, why not invest the next 2 minutes checking out our 7 top tips for social media success in promoting...

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Welding skills shortages – light on the horizon

Good news from Hartwell Manufacturing in West Yorkshire. Concerned by the shortage of new welding talent, the company set up its own training centre at their Wakefield factory last year. Now, six months later, 10 of the students have been offered apprenticeships by Hartwell and other local steel manufacturers, providing a skills boost to the whole sector. As a result, Hartwell has taken on another 10 trainees to learn skills direct from their highly experienced team of welders. Providing skills for the whole welding sector Training young welders to be apprentices elsewhere was all part of the Hartwell plan...

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BOC’s guide to welding safety helmets

It’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, we take a look at why welding safety helmets are a critical piece of personal protective equipment. Safety is a major concern for BOC both that of our customers and employees – and it’s an issue we’re working to improve daily. For welders a major part of safe working is choosing the right helmet. This guide should help welders know what they should be getting from their welding helmet. Why you need one The helmet helps protect welders’ eyes, face, neck and ears from arc radiation, sparks...

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Why now is the time to switch to Lindoflamm® Special Burners

Lindoflamm® special burners are not only fast but also cost efficient. If you’re still not convinced that you should switch, then read on. What is Lindoflamm®? Lindoflamm® is the combination of two key factors – Lindoflamm® special burners and dissolved acetylene gas – that unite to create a process now being used in the heavy fabrication industry. Lindoflamm® is ideal for pre-heating thick plate or structural steel within the heavy fabrication industry such as shipbuilding, structural steel projects and the construction of wind turbines. Thanks to the safe delivery of acetylene, Lindoflamm® can get the material to temperature faster than alternative...

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