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Acetylene – 5 ways it can boost your business

Acetylene – how it can help your business You probably know acetylene is the hottest of all fuel gases. You may have experienced just how versatile it is, for welding, preheating and cutting metals. But have you realised just how much benefit it can bring to the bottom line of your business? This advantage can take many forms, from higher productivity to cheaper gas bills. Put them all together and you’ll see how acetylene can make a real difference. 5 business benefits of acetylene Versatility – with acetylene, you can take on a range of different work and expand...

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Acetylene: the Swiss Army Knife of fuel gases

Acetylene is one of the most versatile gases for welding and related processes. We look at what it can do… Few people realise just how versatile acetylene is as a fuel for welding, preheating and cutting metals. What is acetylene? Many people will know of, and use, acetylene because of its workshop capabilities. It’s the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases, with a heat transfer rate of 3160oC compared to propane’s 2828oC. Why is it so versatile? We like to refer to acetylene as the Swiss Army Knife of fuels – one fuel that can carry out...

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Why now is the time to switch to Lindoflamm® Special Burners

Lindoflamm® special burners are not only fast but also cost efficient. If you’re still not convinced that you should switch, then read on. What is Lindoflamm®? Lindoflamm® is the combination of two key factors – Lindoflamm® special burners and dissolved acetylene gas – that unite to create a process now being used in the heavy fabrication industry. Lindoflamm® is ideal for pre-heating thick plate or structural steel within the heavy fabrication industry such as shipbuilding, structural steel projects and the construction of wind turbines. Thanks to the safe delivery of acetylene, Lindoflamm® can get the material to temperature faster than alternative...

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