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Why now is the time to switch to Lindoflamm® Special Burners

Lindoflamm® special burners are not only fast but also cost efficient. If you’re still not convinced that you should switch, then read on. What is Lindoflamm®? Lindoflamm® is the combination of two key factors – Lindoflamm® special burners and dissolved acetylene gas – that unite to create a process now being used in the heavy fabrication industry. Lindoflamm® is ideal for pre-heating thick plate or structural steel within the heavy fabrication industry such as shipbuilding, structural steel projects and the construction of wind turbines. Thanks to the safe delivery of acetylene, Lindoflamm® can get the material to temperature faster than alternative...

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Are you using the right shielding gases?

As competition continues to tighten, finding some extra margin in any element of your business becomes ever more important. One approach is to rethink your processes. Could something used for one purpose bring benefits in other ways? For example, look at your shielding gases. Yes, their primary purpose is to protect the weldpool from atmospheric contamination. But developments now mean they can also significantly improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your welding. Is it time you changed your shielding gases? What are the arguments for and against? ‘We’ve used the same mix of gas for years and it’s produced...

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Welding data headaches. Time to go digital?

Are you under ever-increasing compliance pressure such as EN1090, just to remain competitive? Do issues such as weld traceability and maintenance of welder qualifications eat into your working day? The gathering, storage and access to data about your welding processes are now an important part of your business. You must show you have robust systems to be even considered for some important contracts. However the current manual, paper-based method is not only labour intensive and time consuming but also open to human error. And the pressure on compliance will grow, not decrease, moving forwards. The good news lies in...

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